Can You Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Has a New Boyfriend

Published: 31st August 2010
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If you have broken up with your girl, you may be thinking about ways to get her back, but what if she has moved on, and is in a new relationship? You probably think all is lost, but don't give up, it is possible that you can still Get your ex girlfriend back regardless of her new boyfriend. All it takes is a bit of care, and the application of the following tips and techniques.

What do you do, and how can you get her away from the new guy in her life? Before we move on to the specific tips I want you to ask yourself two questions, are your motives pure? Do you want her back for the right reasons? No matter what has happened between you recently, remember you once loved her. If you truly still do love her then proceed with the techniques below, but if you simply don't want someone else to have her, then try and resist your urge to break them up. Jealousy is a powerful emotion; be the bigger man, if your only desire is to spoil her new partnership please don't! Believe me it is not worth the guilt, it's better just to move on with your life.

If you really want your girl back, then lets get down to business. Your first major weapon is your history together. Her new guy is just that, the new guy, and therefore any bonds between your ex and him can only be weak. Take advantage of this by casually reminding her of the good times that you enjoyed together, because you both share these memories. They will still be very personal to you both, and reminding your ex of them can make some very powerful emotions come to the surface. She may end up realizing just what she has thrown away.

your other major advantage is that you know this girl a lot better than her new guy. You know what she likes, and what her views and opinions are. For example did she like certain things about the way you dressed or acted. If this is the case, then conspire to accidentally bump into her and make sure you are dressed in her favorite clothes. It is important that you should strive to appear happy and confident, no matter how you feel inside. Whilst we are on his subject, the one way you can be sure you will never get her back is to beg or plead with her in any way, so don't!

One quite sneaky way to get her thinking about you, is to let her know you accept the current situation. Tell her that you wanted her to give you a second chance, but you accept that she has moved on, and you know there is no chance of that happening, then wish her luck in her new relationship. This will raise some powerful emotions, she will be confused and upset that you are seeming to accept the status quo, and she will be wondering if you are going to move on too. The human animal is a complex beast, and this is very likely to foster a renewed desire for you in her.

If all else fails why not try dating again? This has two distinct advantages for you. The first is that it gets you back out there on the dating scene. After all you may have to move on for real if your plans don't work. Also as mentioned previously the most powerful emotion of all is jealousy, and if she does want you back this will definitely get her to do something about it.

If you do want to get your ex girlfriend back, and she has a new boyfriend, it is never going to be easy. I hope I have shown that it is still possible, but it all depends on you. If you want something enough nothing is impossible so go for it!

Get some sensible relationship advice. Learn lasting solutions that not only will help you get your ex back, but will also help you to prevent yourself getting in this situation again.

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